Our Mission to Help People Create Effective Websites

Episode 1 February 21, 2022 00:28:38
Our Mission to Help People Create Effective Websites
The Kadence Beat
Our Mission to Help People Create Effective Websites

Feb 21 2022 | 00:28:38


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Hannah Ritner Ben Ritner Kathy Zant

Show Notes

Welcome to episode 1 of our new podcast, The Kadence Beat. This podcast will cover topics related to WordPress, blocks, and most importantly thoughts on creating effective websites. In this initial episode, meet Ben Ritner, the founder of Kadence, Hannah Ritner who drives customer success for Kadence when she's not bringing new people into the world as a midwife, and Kadence marketing manager Kathy Zant. We review our goals for The Kadence Beat, what to expect with WordPress full-site editing, WooCommerce 6.3, how a German court found Google Fonts to present a GDPR issue. We also review the Lottie animation and Count up blocks, a new integration with the Restrict Content plugin, and our thoughts on the most important part of a website.

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