Cultivating Mindset & Motivation Through Challenges

Episode 25 February 13, 2023 00:30:59
Cultivating Mindset & Motivation Through Challenges
The Kadence Beat
Cultivating Mindset & Motivation Through Challenges

Feb 13 2023 | 00:30:59


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Hannah Ritner Ben Ritner Kathy Zant

Show Notes

When we're just starting a project, we often have to provide our own motivation to keep moving when challenges arise. In this episode, Ben, Hannah, and Kathy talk about how they work through challenges, set goals, and achieve more through mindset, surrounding themselves with supportive people, and keeping their "why" in mind through difficult times and setbacks. Ben also gives us some timetables for the release of Kadence Blocks 3.0, and some advice on updating any major WordPress software release. Hannah is in Mexico for this recording, providing its own challenges.

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