Effectively Using Popups as a Part of the Customer Journey

Episode 8 April 22, 2022 00:31:07
Effectively Using Popups as  a Part of the Customer Journey
The Kadence Beat
Effectively Using Popups as a Part of the Customer Journey

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Hannah Ritner Ben Ritner Kathy Zant

Show Notes

Marketers use popups because they are so effective at gaining a user's attention, however, they can create a user experience nightmare if implemented wrong. We review some of the best ways that popups, modals, and even slide-ins and banners can be used effectively in a way that supports your business objectives while being useful and supportive to your site visitors. We also review some thoughts about what marketers should give away versus what they should charge for when creating a customer relationship, as well as what's upcoming with Kadence products.

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